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Prayer - however it is for you

Aoraki Mt Cook

Prayer – a topic that pops up every now and again in our talk together at church (surprise, surprise!). Like many faith topics I think we assume there's an official understanding of “prayer” and an officially correct way of doing it. That is, a set definition and a fixed pattern for prayer.

If I'd stayed with that assumption, then I don't think we'd have ever met up. I probably wouldn't have been part of church let alone a minister, because I'd have assumed I failed in the prayer department.

Do you feel connected?

We've been talking a lot about making others welcome. It's at the heart of our mission as a parish and our vision for our new building.

What about this question: do we feel welcome?

I know what it is like to be in the midst of a group and feel a bit of an outsider. I get involved in groups that are not really my expertise but I'm keen to extend myself and contribute as much as I can. Often I have the question: do I belong here? Is anybody really interested that I'm here, or could they carry on fine without me? Do they care?

Even family can feel like this. Or church.